Best Baby Spoons- Top selling spoons of 2021

It is very exciting for the parents to see the toddler grow up and shifting from the mother’s milk to solid food. But here the first thing that comes to mind is what should need to feed the baby? Obviously, it’s a spoon. First, you need to feed the baby with your own hands so it is more up to you as compared to your little one. You may choose the spoon that is ergonomic suits you, which does not put a load on your wrist while feeding the baby, but the important is that spoon fits the baby as well? Yes, it is not that easy to choose the good spoon that suits you both.

But you don’t need to worry about it. We narrow down a list of the best baby spoons for you after surveying a number of parents, their satisfaction level about it, and the rating that they got on amazon or other e-shopping stores. So it is not an easy job to be on our list.

Reviews Best Baby Spoons

1Munchkin 12-Piece Soft Tip Infant Spoons- Best Baby Spoon

Best baby spoons

The reason for choosing this spoon on our list is that it is the most economical package that comes with 12 multi-colored spoons that both babies and parents alike. So having so many spoons means you don’t have to worry about losing them or getting them ready to use for food. When safety level is a concern, which is obviously a no-compromise look on the part of parents, no matter how cheap it is, but luckily, this inexpensive baby spoon ticks all the boxes when it comes to safety level, already it is BPA free and has soft tips that are very gentle to the baby’s gums.

This box consists of 12 multi-colored spoons that can be placed in each 9-inch size box.

2Beaba First Stage Baby Feeding Spoon Set- Best Longer Baby Spoons

Best feeding spoon for infant

The first thing that you will definitely fall in love with is its stunning eye-catching color combinations. While you see practicality, the handle is neither too small to grip nor too big to tackle, it is the perfect size so you can easily pick up each edible piece for your baby. Also, in the near future, when your baby starts to feed on his own, he will have a shallow bottom so that neither you nor the baby can put any more food in his mouth that could cause nausea or throat damage. The munchkin soft top infant spoon is BPA-free and comes with a silicon tip so the baby doesn’t feel bad at his gums.

Its package includes 4 spoons with size 11 inches.

3NUK Gerber Graduates Rest Easy Spoons- Best Mess-Proof Baby Spoon

infant spoons

As other members of your other club’s roster, this spoon is also BPA-free with soft tips to be gentle on your baby’s gums while feeding. In addition, its corners are designed to clean food from the baby’s face that may slip. Is not sufficient? One better thing about this inexpensive mess-proof baby spoon is the silicone tips on the bottom to keep the spoon away from the surface even with or without food to keep it germ-free. It is also fine to wash them in the dishwasher.

You’ll get this 6-pack of attractive baby spoons each in the 5-inch size for only $ 3. Isn’t that cheap?

4Munchkin White Hot Safety Spoons- Best Baby Spoon with Heat Sensors

best infant spoon

Yes, you read that right, this simple-looking baby feeding spoon has a temperature sensor that will change its color to white to let you know that the food is too hot to feed the baby. But keeping this feature, it is dishwasher safe. Plus, it’s BPA-free and comes with soft tips.

You can get these 4 spoons for only $ 5 on Amazon. Each spoon is 8 inches in size.

5OXO Tot On-The-Go Feeding Spoon- Best Baby Spoon for Travel

infant spoons

This is one of the best options for you when you think about it, but a dedicated spoon for your baby to keep in your bag while traveling food. This spoon is built for the same purpose so it comes with a special case that protects this spoon from getting dirty while in the bag. Also, this spoon checks all safety measures, as BPA-free and dishwasher safe, etc. The most beneficial thing is that it is ergonomically designed so that it feels comfortable on your wrist when you grasp this spoon to feed your baby.

You will get these 8 inches of travel spoons for the baby for only for 5$.

6Grabease First Self-Feed Baby Utensils- Most Versatile Baby Spoon

spoons for infant

When your baby reaches his first milestone of beginning spoon-feeding, it won’t take long for him to switch to self-feeding. One day as you feed him, you will notice that your baby wants to do this on his own. This spoon is specially designed for that scenario, it comes with a small rounded handle for an easy and soft grip for the baby. The food plugs in the middle of the food prevent the baby from swallowing the spoon and also the excess food. So it is very safe for the baby to use in all respects, but please note that it will take a while for your child to become a professional.

You will get this pair of 3 inches to spoon and fork only for 15$.

7NumNum Pre-Spoon Gootensils- Best Baby Spoons for Older Babies

baby first spoon

This wide silicone handle gives your baby more grip and does not allow food to spill, no matter the baby is holding it at an odd angle. Specially designed for babies over 6 months, it gives them the freedom to eat their food their way without wasting or dividing it.

You can get this pair of 12 inches spoons for only for 13$.

8Olababy 100% Silicone Soft Tip Training Spoon- Best Baby Spoon for Baby-Led Weaning

baby first spoon

This is a unique petal design baby self-feeding spoon made up of soft silicon. Very ergonomically to handle it by the baby and also the soft silicon tip gives much freedom to your baby to scoop in the food. According to a survey, most people find this spoon astonishingly very rapidly adopted by the babies to handle and eat.

You will get this chewable soft silicone baby spoon pair for only in 15$.

9Monee Baby Spoons with Teethers- Best Multi-Use Baby Spoon

best spoon of baby

The feature which is most loved by the babies is the teether which keeps busy your baby engaged with the spoon. Design to drive your baby to be independent in feeding. The material which is used is very long-lasting and flexible.

You can get one pair of these 5.9 inches to spoon for only for 8$.

10Avanchy Stainless Steel-Best eco-friendly baby spoon

baby spoon

Unlike others in his club, this one is made of sturdy steel instead of plastic. Build with good quality with comparatively wider handle design along with deeper food holder to feed more food. Most recommended for younger babies who are in the self-feeding phase.

It has a good rating on online shopping stores. The only thing one can consider is its steel design which may not be good for the gums and also because it has a steel frame so it is definitely more expensive than plastic ones.

11Bambusi Natural Bamboo- Best organic baby spoon

best baby spoons

As you can see from the name, this spoon is made of 100% bamboo with total hygiene while its tips are made of soft silicone to give a soft touch to your baby’s gums. You will get this Bambusi spoon in different eye-catching colors regardless of gender. One of their specialties is that you can get food from those corners of the jar, which might not be possible with the other spoons.

While using this spoon, one thing that I can find is its soft tip chocked off while feeding which is quite dangerous. So you should be very careful while feeding your baby with this spoon. In addition to it, some parents say that these are more comfortable for toddlers or older babies.

12The First Years Take & Toss Infant Spoons (16-pack)- Best budget-friendly spoon

best baby spoons

Brought in for the first few years, the cheapest spoon you’ve ever gotten so far, costing you almost around 18 cents a spoon. Made from standard BPA-free material that provides enough toughness for long-time use. The smooth tip and long handle make this spoon ideal for parents to take on trips or to restaurants. Plus, the low cost of the spoon relieves the stress of maintaining them carefully. Parents really like its basic design, as no additional care is necessary.

During the survey, some people said that its tip is so small to carry a lot of food, and also the long handle discourages the activity of the baby from feeding itself. You’ll get this inexpensive 8-scoop pack in three bold colors: red, orange, and yellow.

13Novos Spoon Fork Set-Best bendable baby spoon

best baby spoon for infant

This is a one-of-a-kind flexible spoon designed with a wire inside that gives this spoon the freedom to bend in any way to make feeding your baby easier. Other materials of construction are BPA-free soft thermoplastic rubber and polypropylene plastic that supports its flex function. Reviewers say you can bend this to any extent as needed while feeding.

This spoon is not sold separately but comes with a fork to make it fun while you dine. One thing we considered during the survey is parental complaints that the spoon and fork tend to bend when the baby tries to prod food, knocking them out of the spoons of the self-feeding category. Also, babies are like soft silicone tips rather than hard plastic and due to their size, parents strongly recommended these utensils for older babies.

Things to Be Consider

Easy to Hold: Make sure that the spoon is easy to hold for you so you don’t feel any kind of load on your wrist while feeding. Despite that, after a short time period, your baby will start feeding themselves on his own.

Safety Standards: The spoon must be BPA-free and comply with all the safety regulations imposed by the health council. The reason is that the spoon is sterilized and treated with warm water to clean it, so if it doesn’t meet safety standards, it could be a health hazard for your little one.

What To Look For In A Best Baby Spoon

Material: You will get a wide range of materials when it comes to baby spoons. It is up to you which type of material your baby likes. It is BPA plastic or silicone or a standard metal utensil.

Construction: It comes with all kinds of alloys and also with a material. It is your choice whether you want to use the spoon which is made of steel with the tip of soft silicone or you can take the spoon from the material to make it easy to clean and hygienic.

Cost: You must first identify the needs you expect from the baby spoon. It is not necessary that only an expensive one can meet the desired needs. You will get the basic pack of spoons at a very reasonable price.

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