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In the meantime at any instance there is a moment when you realize that your toddler need to clean out one’s nose from mucus but don’t know how. This thing is also create more problem to you when you realize that your toddler is so small to deal with, as harsh as the adults do with their noses to wipe it down. Realizing that problem and not finding any kind of solution in that case also create a panic at that moment. Because no one wants their baby to feel suffocation and going through this situation. Here comes the nasal aspirator which provides the solution for this problem. Nasal aspirator is many kinds of, one can find it in traditional shape like bulb bottom which we see from the years of our childhood, some with modern looks and operations and some with the working with the battery in different modes.

When and How to Use:

Though it is so much simple product that one’s might be surprised about why there is a learning manual for how and when to use? But yes there is some limitations and manual to use that so much simple apparatus too.

As far as question of when to use is concerned, a mother knows it well but however there is some symptoms for that i.e., your baby is feeling suffocated, find it difficult to breathe or a runny nose etc.

You will find it surprising that there are limitations and restrictions to use the nasal aspirator. Some nasal aspirator are manually operated i.e. bulb bottom nasal operator and others are battery operated comes with different modes recharge with USB port. First one make sure that the nasal aspirator is at the low power mode so it doesn’t harm the baby unintentionally. Moreover the excessive use of nasal aspirator (doctors suggested 7 to 8 times a day)  can causes the severe impact of baby’s health like nose bleeding or congestion of sensitive veins or vessels that are connected to the brain.

Precautionary Measures:

  • Some advance nasal aspirators comes with filters contains a certain time or certain number if uses to replace them.
  • Be assure about the mode that you are using and also the opposed consequences to use it.
  • After every usage, clean the aspirator either by hot water or an anti-bacterial fluid to assure the equipment free form any kinds of germs and bacterial production.

1. Ravifun Nasal Aspirator

Best baby nasal aspirator

Now you might think that we have to spend a plenty of money acknowledging the importance of nasal aspirator, but there is big NO for this. You don’t need to spend much money when you have an optimum solution for this. Ravifun is one of an advance nasal aspirator that comes with different speed adjustments according to the requirement. Different modes is suitable for your newborn, infant, toddler and child. Suction cup is detachable that will allow the easy cleansing of equipment. It is a battery operated equipment that is get charge with USB port. It is provided with different silicon tips that is providing the long usage of the aspirator and kind of grow up with the age of your child.


  • One Button Control Five Power Levels
  • Detachable for Easy Cleaning
  • Tips can insert deeply into nose, Fits over 2 years old kids.


  • Should be aware of the charging level and changing the filter

2. Misiki Electric Nasal Aspirator

This is one of the bestselling most advance nasal aspirator that comes with bundle of options to operate. When we talk about the options, the first most prominent apparently is, the digital display which provides the freedom to work at 3 different level of suction operations. Not only that, it has different nasal silicon tips that is designed for the children upto age of 1 year. Moreover, a blue led is provided for the insight your babies’ nose while sleeping to check the mucus obstacles or either while usage. Just like other advanced nasal aspirators, it battery operated and it can be ready for the use only after 90 minutes as it is charged in the mentioned time from empty to full.


  • Easy to disassemble and clean
  • Easy to use in different modes


  • It does not sucks the everything in the nose.

3. OCCObaby Battery Operated Nasal Aspirator

Sometimes it is harder for a mother to keep the baby on lap and remove the boogies from the babies nose so she preferably want a nasal aspirator that can be use with one hand. This aspirator design to use with one hand. It comes with a curvy or banana shaped design that provide a good posture to wipe down the babies nose from mucus and bogies. Just like other traditional aspirators that come nowadays in market, it also have three different silicon tips and also it is operated by the battery use is being charged through the USB port. There would be one concern that one may have which we observe is, only one speed of suction. So much may try a bit harder to drain out the stubborn fluid, mucus or bogies.


  • Flawless working of the machine over the year
  • Best value to money while keeping in view the customers satisfaction.


  • One didn’t find the replacement of silicon tips if lost any.

4. Electrical Nasal Aspirator

As obvious by the name, this aspirator is operated electrically and very simple in use. It comes with only two modes, one is for the normal suction of the bogies and mucus and the other mode with higher intensity to get rid from the stubborn mucus and bogies. As it operated by the battery but it doesn’t mean you need to be change the batteries after their draining out. Yes it is battery operated but comes with the rechargeable battery via USB port. As far as the question of how to use? , it is as simple as other nasal aspirators. Just insert the silicon tip inside the baby’s nose and press the button. Mode 1 for the normal suction and mode 2 for the stubborn one.


  • Multi-Light draws the baby attention and serve the purpose without afraid the baby
  • Soundless working


  • Use saline to loosen the thick mucus.
  • In some cases, the rubber tips ripped off

5. FridaBaby NoseFrida

It is one of the most simple and still the consumer’s favorite manually operated nasal aspirator. But there are reasons behind that why it is still exist in the advance market. One major reason than we find out is the way how simply it can be operated. A pipe, a syringe to inject in the nostrils and ejector. Just put the bud in the nostril and operate the syringe accordingly and yes, it works. No need to worry about the charging, about the manual to operate, no worries to learn the mode of operating and easy to carry. Just a bit more amount of saline spray for the easy removal of mucus and that is all.


  • Controlled suction
  • Light enough to pack in daily baby gear bag


  • Some people find the tip wider than the toddler nose

6. BabyBubz Baby Nasal Aspirator

It one of its kind and uniquely to operate. This is manual nasal aspirator comprises of two tubes which is separated by a reservoir. One tube is inserted in the baby’s nose and other tube is inserted in the parent’s mouth or in the person who is operating. This is kind of disgusting for some people but yes it is purchased and used by a wide range of people in different areas. That is the reason it is able to make a place in our list. While keeping in mind this concern of hygienist, the makers design this in such a way that there is a filter box that is separated both tubes from each other. This not only protect to enter the buggies in the person’s mouth but also serve the purpose of hygiene. It is very easy to use because it is manually operated so you don’t need to worry about any kind of repairing and neither any kind of charging issues. A function that makes it different from the FridaBaby NoseFrida nasal aspirator is the working or the way of use. It is operated by inserting in the mouth i.e. provided the suction by the parents.


  • Easy to use and clean
  • Don’t need any kind of filter


  • It is use by mouth no matter how secure it is. Some people find it disgusting

7. Nosiboo Pro Nasal Aspirator

In appearance, the toy-liked apparatus is serve the same purpose which is being offered by the other manual or modern advanced nasal aspirators. The suction bulb-bottom give the touch of a traditional old-fashioned nasal aspirator but here is the twist. This bulb-bottom is attached with electric motor which is electrically operated. One of the satisfied user gave us the review that it is much more effective in removing the mucus and bogies from the narrow nasal passages.

A bulky price tag with it is might be astonishing but yes this simple machine can absolutely serve to its best to the purpose for which it is being made. It will pay back every penny which you pay for this.


  • Best for general suction


  • Not creating that much effective vacuum to wipe out the babies nose

8. Bulb-syringe Aspirator

It is one of the most common used baby nasal aspirator at the hospitals. The reason behind that it is very simple and easy to use. There is a rubber bulb like shape that is narrow down to a silicon tip. While pressing the bulb, the air inside it is releases created a vacuum behind it, and on inserting the narrow to in the nose and releases the bulb, this vacuum extracted the substance inside the toddler’s nose.


  • Very much gentle to remove the mucus and bogies
  • Proper fits into the nasal


  • In some cases, the rubber bulb is too stiff to create the proper vacuum

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