Best Baby Bottles for Breastfeeding and Newborn Babies – Reviews 2021

This year we did a bottle survey and featured some of the best-selling bottles for you. The survey includes different tests such as drop test, freeze test, how hot a bottle can hold water, shapes that are pleasing to parents in ergonomic appearance, the softness of the nipples, and the flow of liquid through the nipple, etc. Try to get the best out of them based on the points that get from the parents we are presenting the list of the top 10 best baby bottles for breastfeeding and newborns babies.

Nipple size with different rate of milk flow

1. For infants

These are nipples with a slow rate of flow of milk or the formula because it is designed for the newborn, infants, and toddlers so that baby cannot be able to gulp much fast.

2. For Younger kids

These are designed for the younger babies with a higher flow of formula or milk and the reason behind that is younger babies have bigger throats to swallow and a bit more control over the flow of the liquid.

Dr. Brown’s-Best Among All

This bottle makes it to the top of our pick because this is the best-selling bottle of the year 2020 and it also earned the highest ratings on Amazon. The first thing you notice about this bottle is a one-of-a-kind tubing system that is embedded inside the bottle for ventilation. Could the question arise as to how it works? This tube vented the air at the base of the bottle for the baby to swallow again during feeding.

One more thing that makes Dr. Brown the best bottle brand is its nipple design that prevents milk or formula from flowing out quickly, helping to prevent splitting, burping, and gas. Dr. Brown’s package includes five bottles each with different capacities, nipples, vents, and multiple brushes to keep the bottles clean and hygienic.

This is also considered one of the best baby bottles for newborns due to its slow-flow nipples and tube intake that prevent it from smell and gas.

NUK Perfect Fit- Best Baby Bottles for Preventing Spit-Up

This is also the award-winning bottle for the year 2019 in addition to its simple design. But it’s no wonder this bottle perfectly does the job it’s designed to do, which is why it exists on our list.

A specially designed nipple with three holes for the proper mixing of breast milk or formula and also these holes are small enough to slow the flow of liquid through them. The reason behind the logic of creating three holes in the nipple is that you can mix the milk with the baby’s saliva to facilitate digestion and prevent it from splitting.

Parents are in love with the shape of the NUK Perfect Fit nipples and use it, especially when their baby has tummy problems.

Philips Avent Natural- Best Bottles for Breastfed Babies

The simplest one on our list is Philips Avent natural knows the best bottle for breastfed babies and yes, it deserves it due to its wide, flat nipple that feels like a mother’s breast to her baby. Because it’s so simple, we’re not wasting too much time.

This pack comes with all four bottles with different capacities (two 9 ounces and two 4 ounces), four nipples, a microwave sterilizer to sanitize the bottles if any, a bottle cleaning brush, the flagship of two companies calm pacifiers.

Playtex Ventaire -Best Bottles for Gassy Babies

Playtex Ventaire comes with a unique curved shape that is designed for a good grip during feeding. One of its advanced features is that, unlike other traditional bottles (which comes with vented ducts to suck air in from the upper side), it has a ventilated bottom that directly sucks the air from the bottom and in this way can prevent the air is mixed with milk in any case and lower stomach gas problems.

Also, it is easier for you to clean the bottle from top to bottom as it has both ends open.

This pack comes with three bottles with a capacity of 6 ounces each.

Munchkin Latch 3-Bottle Set-Best Bottles for Squirmy Babies

If the baby’s latch on the bottle nipple isn’t tight, he may be straining too hard to receive breast milk or formula, or he may be ingesting too much air.

LATCH nipples’ accordion folds allow for greater mobility during feedings without breaking the latch, which is ideal for parents of curious toddlers who move their heads around. These containers have the ability to pump attachments (available separately) can also be used to easily pump straight into the bottles.

Three 8-ounce bottles, as well as slow-flow nipples and sealing discs, are included in the package.

Comotomo-Easiest-to-Clean Baby Bottles

Not only does this bottle come in a different design, but it also comes with silicone material. This design gives both baby and parents freedom to adapt.

As we told you before, this bottle is made of silicone, so it can be squeezed by younger babies, keeping them busy exercising during the feeding process. When it comes to parents’ main cleaning problem, the wide opening of the bottle mouth allows the cleaning process to be done easily by hand, so no special brush is necessary for this.

Also, the producer claims that all parts are safe to sterilize, microwave and dishwasher, etc. This package includes two bottles with a capacity of 5-ounce each.

Tommee Tippee Closer to Nature-Best Baby Bottles for Colic

The wide neck design comes with an inserted tube to clean the air from the bottle to the bottom. The wider neck also gives the baby a firm, easy-to-feed grip.

One of its features is the temperature control that helps parents to regulate the temperature of the milk or formula that is good for the baby to feed or not. Based on the feedback our team received from parents, this is the feature that they like and that it satisfies the most. Not only this, the nipple has the same shape and texture as the real ones, so it will be quite easy to switch your baby between breastfeeding and bottle feeding.

With additional nipples and valves, the package includes six bottles, three 5-ounces, and three 9-ounces.

MAM- Easiest Baby Bottles to Sterilize

This bottle is very easy to clean since you will have both sides open so that you can disinfect easily, thus reducing the time it takes to clean the bottles.

Another good news for moms is that their caps can be used as a measuring cup for formula making. Also, her nipples are flat enough to closely resemble each other and the actual breast, making it easy to switch baby between breastfeeding and bottle feeding.

Along with two 9-ounces bottles, you will also get the design printed on the sides.

Nanobébé Breastmilk Baby Bottle- Best Baby Bottle for Fridge Storage

As you can see from the name, this bottle is specially designed for expressing moms. These bottles are made in such a way that you can stack them in the fridge and they cool very quickly, but they also heat up twice as fast so you don’t have to put your baby on hold to feed.

Similarly, it is shaped like a breast to make it more familiar to the baby and it will also be made easier when switching the baby from breastfeeding to bottle and vice versa.

This package included two bottles, each with a 5-ounce capacity, a warming container, and flexible pacifiers.

Kiinde Twist- Best Baby Bottles for Pumping Moms

This bottle is perfectly designed keeping in view both the mom and the baby’s comfort. The starter pack includes two bags that mom uses to direct pumped the milk to them and after filling you can store them in the fridge.

And, whenever you want to feed the baby, you can simply get the pouch out, warm it as required, put the pouch into the bottle, and attach the nipple. In this way, the Kiinde twist takes the drop-in bottle concept to a whole new level. And they are not done over here, they also allow the mom to use the nipple whatever type of brand, you can use.

In this package, you will get two pouches with a 6-ounce capacity, a hollow bottle, and a nipple cover.

If you are becoming a mother for the first time, it is amazing how large the range of baby bottles can be. There are many things available in the market, as this is one of the most valuable and important parts of a baby’s inventory.

Types of Baby Bottles

You can find the best baby bottles in two main categories

1. Glass

2. Silicon

We only mention these two as main categories as they are the rivals. But you can get the bottles in steel too. There are also subcategories of these two main categories, such as clear, hard plastic bottles, with bisphenol-A rating (mainly known as BPA), etc.

How to Choose Best Baby Bottles

It is apparently more satisfying to catch the glass bottle as it appears to be germ-free, but there is no credible research that can claim that glass bottles are safer than plastic ones. When choosing bottles, there are many things to consider. In the case of the glass bottle, we found that most parents are satisfied with the hygiene of the bottle, easy to clean but concerned about the weight and delicacy of the glass bottles. But today the technology is moving so fast and at a daily pace, the researcher in collaboration with the production companies adds to the specifications of the bottles. So it’s not just a bottle, but more than that. That is why today’s bottles are made with tempered glass that behaves like plastic and is almost unbreakable for your baby’s hands even when he throws it away. This is the most common concern about glass bottles, but after this tempered glass technology, the adoption of them is very popular, even according to statistics, the glass industry is growing with an annual rate of 7% compared with the plastic bottles with the  2%  growth.

Are Baby Bottels Easy to Sterelize?

But still, none of them claim that germs and bacteria are free from their products, as we told you before, so far there is no credible research that can prove it. Therefore, it is your decision to choose between them. Are you still confused when choosing? No problem, we outline some aspects that you can take into account before buying any of them, be it glass or plastic.

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